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I need a new job dammit.

I need a new job dammit.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to today to celebrate the holy matrimony between Andrew and Chris.

May you two be the happiness in each other’s lives from this day forward!

Celebrating the marriage of my awesome brother, Andrew Ahn.



Chinese (People’s Republic of China): K’naan feat Jacky Cheung & Jane Zhang
Arabic (Arabic world): K’naan feat Nancy Ajram
Greek (Greece): K’naan feat. Professional Sinnerz & Komis X
French (France): K’naan feat Féfé
Indonesian (Indonesia): K’naan feat Ipang [Semangat Berkibar]
Mongolian (Mongolia): P.Bayartsengel D.Anu; E.Solongo; E.Soyombo
Japanese (Japan): K’naan feat AI [ ウェイヴィン・フラッグ]
Portuguese (Portugual & Brazil): K’naan feat Skank [Comemorar]
Haitian Creole (Haiti): K’naan feat Mikaben [Balance’l]
Hungarian (Hungary): Magyar Televízó [Nálunk van a labda] 
Vietnamese (Vietnam): K’naan feat Phương Vy
Hindi (India): K’naan feat Jasim 
Sinhala (Sri Lanka): K’naan, Remixed voice by Pradeep [Ekama irak yata]
Spanish (Spain and Latino America): K’naan feat David Bisbal [Bandera de Libertad]
Italian (Italy): K’naan feat. Mr.Blaza & MagicEmy
Thai (Thailand): K’naan feat Tattoo Colour
Russian/English (Russia): Knaan feat St1m

Lily Allen says her video for Hard Out Here isn't to do with race. She is wrong

Racism works precisely by denying the presence of race. The privilege is to not notice it.

Pants are awesome.

I wish women back then could experience this joy. 

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Horray! Vietnam legalizes same-sex weddings, but now they need to work on legalizing same-sex marriage!


He said he was leaving. She ignored him.

Divorce is the easy way. It takes courage to keep a marriage.

Just bought this awesome dress

Just bought this awesome dress